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CR360 Platform for Career Readiness Self Development

CR360 platform consists of five key modules that leverage learning theories such Constructivism and Connectivisim. The students get an opportunity to benefit from these modules in the platform which include conducting the assessment for self and 360 assessment, performing online analytics, developing personal development plan and working in a community for peer to peer learning.

Self Managed Programs

The program module is the foundation for Career Ready, focusing on managing the core functionality of the multi-rater management of the Career Ready application platform.

Data Analytics

The Career Ready Analytics module is created to build self-awareness with minimum support from an executive coach. Career Ready accomplishes this by first ensuring that all the data is available online versus the traditional capability of printing the assessment results.

Personal Development Planning

The personal development planning (PDP) module was designed based on the foundations of constructivism, where the learner takes control of their learning journey, and the role of the executive coach is that of a facilitator.

Community Based Learning

The community module is designed to change the coaching model used with the MRA for leadership assessment. The module follows the Connectivism learning theory principles and allows the coach to create a community of like-minded leaders from the same program or different programs.

Customizable Assessments

Career Ready platform allows coaches to customize each and every aspect of an assessment, starting from the Likert scale to the number and types of questions, giving coaches full control to modify assessments according to the organization’s goals and values.

Develop each Individual in your Organization

Motivating each member of the organization and understanding their needs is the key for development

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