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Career Ready AI for Educators

Based on our history and fundamental belief that education changes generations, we are on a mission to assist educators conduct better research as well as help their students be better prepared for career readiness upon graduation. We offer three solutions to educators at No Cost.


Career Ready Self Assessment


Project Team


Customized Research Assessment

Career Ready Self Assessment

Assign the research-based and National Association of Colleges and Employers https://www.naceweb.org/ derived assessment of eight career-ready competencies for your students at no cost.

This allows students to review their self-assessments on the eight competencies, and you, as an educator, can view the areas to focus, based on the collective input of all the students on their competencies.

If the students in your classroom would like to get student access for all the modules as well as get 360 feedback on the career readiness assessment, we would provide unlimited access to students for a one-time fee of $19.99

The paid student access would include the following:

1.360 assessment feedback

2. Complete Analytics

3. AI Personal Development Planning with reflection and curated content

4. Learning together with other students and faculty as a community


Peer Project Team Feedback

Students who work in small groups often learn more and retain more knowledge than students who are taught in other educational settings. 

When teachers incorporate group assignments and activities into their courses, they struggle to make intentional decisions about how to organize, direct, and evaluate the final work due to the lack of a tool to disseminate and collect information.
The CR360 peer-to-peer evaluation assessment using an instrument developed from a study conducted by Cornell University was put in place to address the issue at hand. We would like to assist teachers in evaluating group work easily with higher efficiency while providing students visual tools to create awareness for self improvement.

Educators can also create their own customized peer-to-peer evaluation surveys.

Peer-to-Peer Assessment provides the ability to:

  1. Create teams in program setup or allow the students to send the evaluation to their teams
  2. Students can compare their feedback to that of the peer group anonymously (min of 2 team member feedback) for self reflection
  3. Faculty can download the self and team feedback for all the students for grading purposes

Customized Research Assessment

Faculty have very limited choices as they conduct their research for designing and collecting data. Based on the suggestion from several PhD that have used CR360, we are honored to offer the CR360 assessment customization module to assist faculty in conducting their research at no cost to them or the university. The module was not designed for research, and we would appreciate your feedback for improvement.

Customized Assessments allows researchers to develop surveys with the following capabilities:

  1. Create new surveys or modify existing ones with simple wizard driven screens
  2. Choose a pre-existing Likert scale or create one that meets your design requirements
  3. Research assessment limited to one rater feedback
  4. Create categories / competencies for your design
  5. Upload a spreadsheet, type in your questions or choose from a question data bank
  6. Publish the instrument as public for other researchers to use in their research or as private just for your use.
  7. Review and share results online with analytics and download data for analytical analysis


CR360 Platform for Career Readiness Self Development

CR360 platform consists of five key modules that leverage learning theories such Constructivism and Connectivisim. The students get an opportunity to benefit from these modules in the platform which include conducting the assessment for self and 360 assessment, performing online analytics, developing personal development plan and working in a community for peer to peer learning.

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