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Customizable Assessments

The Career Ready platform allows coaches to customize each and every aspect of an assessment, starting from the Likert scale to the number and types of questions, giving coaches full control to modify assessments according to the organization’s goals and values.

Modify or Customize

Choose the correct competencies & questions which align with the leadership style employed at your organization
A range of 12 distinct competencies growing up to 100+, targeting specific leadership skills
Likert Scale

A range of 6 built-in scales in the library, from 2-point to 7-point, and the option to construct your own


From 288 to 1000+ Leadership questions (Career Level 1-4), which you can select by Level & Competency via Career Ready Question Bank

Self Managed Programs
The foundation of the platform where you can customize each aspect suitable to your needs
Personal Development Planning
Personalized and reflection based learning focusing on possible future opportunities and barriers for eternal personal and professional growth

Develop each Individual in your Organization

Motivating each member of the organization and understanding their needs is the key for development

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