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Personal Development Planning

The Personal Development Planning (PDP) module at Career Ready 360 embodies the principles of constructivism, empowering learners to take control of their learning journey. In this innovative approach, the executive coach assumes the role of a facilitator, aligning with the foundations of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology for an enriched experience.

Choose your own Learning Path

Each step of the PDP is carefully designed to ensure an enhanced customer experience
Embrace the functionality of reflecting on your strengths, gaps, aspirations, and barriers, documenting them to lay the groundwork for competency development. This process integrates AI, setting the stage for a personalized learning journey.
Developing Competencies
Following a review of reflections, choose three competencies for thorough development. The AI-driven system ensures tailored recommendations, optimizing the learning experience for individuals.
Tailor your learning journey based on your learning style. Choose recommendations offered by CR360 (videos, books, and articles) or incorporate your personal development activities, harnessing the power of AI to enhance skills in selected competencies.
Setting Goals
Utilize the functionality of identifying flaws and setting specific goals, complete with start and end dates, to overcome hurdles. AI assists in this process, providing insights to refine and achieve personalized goals.
Executing Goals
Introducing the concept of “badges,” where leaders completing learning modules recommended by CR360 earn badges validating module completion. This gamified approach, powered by AI, adds a dynamic element to the learning journey.
Customizable Assessments
Customize assessments by choosing competencies suiting your needs and focusing on specific job roles for a detailed synopsis

Community Based Learning

Enable productive interactions with executive coaches and peers for improved collective learning

Develop each Individual in your Organization

Motivating each member of the organization and understanding their needs is the key for development

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