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Employers often express challenges in finding skilled candidates upon graduation, and we are on a mission to leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to assist students in becoming career-ready upon graduation.
"In the journey of career readiness, feedback is the compass, versatility is the map, and self-awareness is the key. Embrace diverse styles, commit to growth, and lead with adaptability for success."
Dr. Zain Ali
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Career Ready 360

Career Ready is designed to measure the research-based Career Readiness 360 assessment developed with 8 competencies by NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers)
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Emotional Intelligence 360

Emotional Intelligence (EQ), based on the pioneering research of Goleman, Salovey, and Meyer, assesses an individual’s capacity to recognize, comprehend, and regulate their own emotions, as well as those of others.
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Social Intelligence 360

Social Intelligence 360, drawing from the research of Merrill and Reid on social styles, is tailored to assist individuals in recognizing and comprehending their unique social styles. This knowledge can significantly enhance communication and foster healthier relationships with others, making it a valuable tool for personal development. To view Sample Analytics Read More…

Peer Team Feedback

Our specialized Team Evaluation Assessment for coaches and faculty is informed by research from Gueldenzoph and May (2002), Johnston and Miles (2004), and Oakley et al. (2004). These sources guide our assessment, aligning it with proven principles for evaluating team performance. To view Sample Analytics Read More…

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Explore the CR360 Platform for AI-Enhanced Career Readiness and Self-Development.

Comprising five pivotal modules inspired by learning theories like Constructivism and Connectivism, this platform introduces the transformative influence of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Students seize the opportunity to utilize these modules, encompassing self-assessment, 360 evaluations, online analytics powered by AI technology, personalized development planning that is AI for benefits, and participation in a community for peer-to-peer learning. Pace up your academic and career journey with the infusion of AI within the CR360 platform.

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Applied Research with Career Readiness 360 Platform

Research indicates that the majority of students at major universities around the globe are not prepared for professional careers upon graduation.

The employers expect the students to have these skills but they are missing upon graduation which puts the burden of getting students ready for their careers upon the employers. Eight competencies for career readiness have been documented by National Association Of Colleges and Employers (NACE) in a very effective manner and consist of Communication, Critical Thinking, Teamwork, Leadership, Equity & Inclusion, Professionalism, Technology, Career & Self Development. NACE career readiness model based on research is used by universities all over the world to educate their students to be better prepared upon graduation.

Dr. Ali leveraged his 30+ years of digital transformational work experience, 5 years as an executive coach and his PhD educational journey to conceptualize an Artificial Intelligence enabled educational platform for self-directed learning with the objective to assist young adults be better prepared for their careers upon graduation. This platform was founded on the learning theories of constructivism & connectivism and delivered by a global team based out of the USA, Ireland & Pakistan.

The student journey consists of creating self awareness of their career readiness skills with the help of a 360 assessment followed up with a recommended personal development plan that can be executed with open source content for development purposes. The student can also work in a community for connected learning and take a second assessment to see if the intervention allowed them to improve their skills. We are offering the self-assessment to students at no cost and two 360 assessments with complete access to the platform forever for $29.

The inspiration for developing a comprehensive Career Readiness platform project came from the initial research conducted at the University of North Texas as part of the exploration of a PhD degree. The research conducted in the Learning Technologies department of the College of Information Sciences consisted of Drs. Zain Ali, Scott Warren, Lin Lin, Kathie Norris, Deborah Cockerham, Karen Johnson and Hope Garcia.

On a separate note, experiential learning and working in teams is considered to be effective in helping students be career ready upon graduation and we have also developed no-cost assessments for faculty to use with their students for peer evaluation. Our hope is that peer evaluation will take away the hurdle to collecting the peer evaluation data and encourage more faculty to use team based projects in the classroom.

Drs. Zain Ali and Scott Warren

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